Secret Nature THCA Paradiso Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls 2 Pack

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THCA pre-rolls offer an authentic cannabis experience and contain fresh ground indoor buds from Secret Nature's THCA, CBG, and CBD strains for a variety of flavor and effect options. Experience super light, full-spectrum cannabis joints as nature intended.

Paradiso - Purple Push Pop x Cap Junkie - Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Paradiso is a heavenly Indica-dominant Hybrid featuring an impressive lineage, derived from Purple Push Pop and Cap Junkie and bred by the iconic SeedJunky and Capulator. These dense, sticky multicolored buds reveal vibrant purple undertones, leaving a tropical sunset in your grinder and an aroma of ripe fruit that intensifies upon combustion. This strain’s nuanced flavor profile will please the most discerning palates. The sweet and sour notes of pomegranate are complemented by the subtle earthiness of petrol, while flowers and hints of black pepper add complexity and balance. 

- 2 Joints / 0.6 grams each
- 100% organic fresh ground buds
- No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides
- Ships in rigid case with hermetically sealed bag to preserve freshness
- 3rd Party Lab Tested for quality and legal compliance
- Federal Farm Bill Compliant

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