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Strain: Sour Tsunami (Sativa)
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Top-Shelf hemp flower in four different strains. Rolled up with a raw cone and filter for a smooth, consistent smoke every time. A perfect way to sample out these new amazing strains and pick your favorite for a full jar!

Available in:

Sour Tsunami - Sativa-Dominant Hybrid - Sour Diesel x NYC Diesel

20.14% total cannabinoids

157mg/g CBD - 4.85mg/g THCA - 4.92mg/g CBC - 6.95mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Caryophyllene 3.61mg/g

Myrcene 2.58 mg/g

Humuleme 1.33 mg/g

Terpinolene 1.07 mg/g

      One of the highest CBD potent strains on the market. Sour Tsunami is the perfect option for maximum body relief while leaving the mind free and clear of racing thoughts. Wonderful to help you make it through the day.

Blue Dream - Sativa-Dominant Hybrid - Blueberry x Haze

17.6% total cannabinoids

137mg/g CBD - 8.78mg/g THCA - 1.13mg/g THCV - 3.70mg/g CBC - 2.86mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Myrcene 5.65mg/g

Caryophyllene 4.47mg/g

Humulene 1.44mg/g

Limonene .96mg/g

      Say the name Blue Dream, and watch classic smokers come running! Sought after for it's incredible mental uplift and creativity, Blue Dream will kick off your day right and keep it shining for hours. As strong in the body as Blue Dream is in the mind, it's the perfect strain for just about every type of relief, every time of the day.

Zkittlez - Indica - Grape Ape x Grapfruit x Unknown

20.66% total cannabinoids

163mg/g CBD - 4.7mg/g THCA - 4.7mg/g CBC - 3.36mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Caryophyllene 5.71mg/g

Myrcene 3.04 mg/g

Terpinolene 2.75mg/g

Humulene 2.40mg/g

      Gaining popularity with a 2016 First Place finish at the Emerald Cup, Zkittlez has been an instant classic ever since! A great option for smokers looking for the most potent effects with a delicious taste. You'll find that Zkittlez hits harder to the body, while leaving the mind alert and ready to enjoy all the relief you'll be feeling. The perfect afternoon/evening session.

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