The Happiest Hour Terpene Shots

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Consider The Happiest Hour the oatmilk to your latte, stars to your night sky, or the Cheech to your Chong. In other words, they’ve got you. No matter where life leads you, the Companion blend terpene infused shots are here to make it as enjoyable as possible. Naturally derived from plants, fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices, these terpenes are masterfully blended by resident terpologist to maximize their benefits. Whether you want to perk up or calm down, The Happiest Hour has a terpene blend for you.




Intensify blend is high in myrcene, a terpene commonly found in mangos. Myrcene may help more THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids pass through the blood-brain barrier and, as a result, can increase their effectiveness. Although this blend is particularly elevating when you partake, those that prefer not to partake may still experience the benefits of myrcene and increased relaxation. Intensify can also be taken with other shots like Wake, Mend, Sleep, and Calm to increase their results.



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