Weed Water Dee9 Terpene Water

Strain: Gelato
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Hydrate your way to happiness with Weed Water! The perfect ratio of THC:CBD for your needs. 25mg of cannabinoids per 12 fl oz can. SOLD BY INDIVIDUAL CAN. Four in a pack.

Available in:

Gelato 20mg Dee9:5mg CBD - A sublte berry tang with sweet floral nuances - Uplifting

Grapefruit Kush 20mg CBD:5mg Dee9 - Tangy and tart grapefruit sweetness - Calm

Pineapple Express 20mg Dee9:5mg CBD - Sweet and floral pineapple notes - Energetic/Uplifting

SVF OG 20mg Dee9:5mg CBD - Herbal bouqet of pine, earthy mint and sweet citrus - Euphoric

Ingredients: Mineralized Water, Water Soluble Cannabinoid Concentrate, Natural Falvoring, Solubilized Terpenes, Citric Acid (Contains less than 0.3% THC by weight 

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