Kultivate Wellness Zkittlez Hemp Flower

Size: 3.5 Grams
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Introducing our revamped hemp flower! Fresh, 100% naturally grown hemp flower. Each air-tight jar comes with its own humidty control pack to preserve terpenes for maximum potency! One Exhale from Kultivate Wellness Hemp Flower will leave you feeling like your best self.

Zkittlez - Indica - Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown

20.66% total cannabinoids

163mg/g CBD - 4.7mg/g THCA - 4.7mg/g CBC - 3.36mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Caryophyllene 5.71mg/g

Myrcene 3.04 mg/g

Terpinolene 2.75mg/g

Humulene 2.40mg/g

      Gaining popularity with a 2016 First Place finish at the Emerald Cup, Zkittlez has been an instant classic ever since! A great option for smokers looking for the most potent effects with a delicious taste. You'll find that Zkittlez hits harder to the body, while leaving the mind alert and ready to enjoy. The perfect afternoon/evening session.

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