Kultivate Wellness Blue Dream Hemp Flower

Size: 3.5 Gram
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Introducing our revamped hemp flower! Fresh, 100% naturally grown hemp flower. Each air-tight jar comes with its own humidty control pack to preserve terpenes for maximum potency! One Exhale from Kultivate Wellness Hemp Flower will leave you feeling like your best self.

Blue Dream - Sativa-Dominant Hybrid - Blueberry x Haze

17.6% total cannabinoids

137mg/g CBD - 8.78mg/g THCA - 1.13mg/g THCV - 3.70mg/g CBC - 2.86mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Myrcene 5.65mg/g

Caryophyllene 4.47mg/g

Humulene 1.44mg/g

Limonene .96mg/g

      Say the name Blue Dream, and watch classic smokers come running! Sought after for it's incredible mental uplift and creativity, Blue Dream will kick off your day right and keep it shining for hours. As strong in the body as Blue Dream is in the mind, it's the perfect strain for just about every time of the day.

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