Buddha Beans CBD Infused Coffee 150mg 6oz

Flavor: Ethiopia - Whole Bean
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Start your morning the right way with a cup of Buddha Beans Coffee Co. invigorating CBD infused coffee blend. This rich, smooth, fragrant coffee wakes you up, while keeping you calm so you can ditch the jitters. 150mg of CBD per 6oz bag. 

Buddha Beans coffee is infused with 100% organic non-GMO CBD extracted naturally from USA grown hemp. Life is too short to be drinking anything but the best coffee, give Buddha Beans a try and see for yourself.

Available in whole bean or ground:

Burundi Artisan Roast - Full-bodied, fruity, nutty with low acidity. It has notes (natural flavors in the coffee) of cinnamon, honey, watermelon, and caramel.  This was their most popular coffee bean in 2022.

Columbia Artisan Roast - Notes of White Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut. Savor a rich, smooth & full-bodied taste w/ each sip. Has a bold coffee flavor yet still very smooth.

Ethiopia Roast - Fresh roasted natural Ethiopian Coffee Beans with notes of Caramel, Green Tea, Jasmine and Lemon. This is the Buddha Beans staff favorite. Very easy to drink and very flavorful unlike your average cup of joe. If you love coffee from Africa, this is definitely your bean.

Mexico Roast - Notes of Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Citrus. Savor a rich, smooth and full-bodied taste w/ each sip.

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