Kultivate Wellness Northern Lights Premium Hemp Flower

Size: 3.5 Grams
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Introducing our revamped hemp flower! Fresh, 100% naturally grown hemp flower. Each air-tight jar comes with its own humidty control pack to preserve terpenes for maximum potency! One Exhale from Kultivate Wellness Hemp Flower will leave you feeling like your best self.

Northern Lights - Indica - Afghani x Thai

17.43% total cannabinoids

136mg/g CBD - 3.69mg/g THCA - 3.72mg/g CBC - 5.91mg/g CBG

Terpene highlights:

Caryophyllene 9.14mg/g

Humulene 3.03 mg/g

Limonene 1.03 mg/g

Linalool .90 mg/g

      One of the most popular strains due to being a true pure Indica. Northern Lights lives up to its name and will have you laid back staring into the stars, seeing how beautiful life can be (It may or may not actually make you see Northern Lights! Lol). Seconds after inhaling, your body will float away  Feeling heavier and heavier, . Perfect for ending your night right!

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