LilxBun Resin Cloud Tray

Style: Holographic Fruity
Sale price$25.00


5 x 3.5 inches

LilxBun resin trays are poured by hand with care! These are resin and should be treated with caution when using them as an ashtray! Please avoid smashing your J hard into the ashtray.  

With resin products, there might be a few bubbles here and there since they are made by hand! LilxBun puts a lot of love into these, and we hope you’ll love them as well.

CAUTION: These should not be used around heavy flame or heat. Please be advised, we are not liable due to actions taken by the customer. If not used as an ashtray, these are perfectly suited to be used as cute trinket dishes to hold jewelry/rings! Or quite frankly whatever you’d like to put in them!

By purchasing this you are also agreeing to not use this to make a copy mold to resell. This shape is copyrighted by © lilxbun

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