Bee Line Hemp Rolling Papers 1.25

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Bee line hemp wick is the first hemp wick company in the world. Having the most time and experience in the industry they have set the standards, therefore they couldn't have their rolling papers be anything less.

When they were researching hemp for their hemp wick they tried many different hemps from all around the world, and settled on Romania where they had been working with hemp a very long time and doing it all in the traditional way before the more modern way of processing it with chemicals.

They took the same approach with their rolling papers as they did with their wick. Rolling papers have been manufactured since 1764.  They knew they weren't  going to be making better papers than a company that has been making them for 2 1/2 centuries, so they went with the oldest most experienced paper manufacturers in the world, and they made the highest quality organic hemp rolling papers they could produce.

Crafted in Alcoy Spain, Bee Line rolling papers are the cleanest, thinnest, slowest burning organic hemp rolling papers available. They went with a classic water mark (one of the oldest in the world) to pay homage to the pioneers of the industry.


  • Organic hemp plant fibers

  • size 1 1/4

  • Unbleached - unrefined

  • No additives

  • Extra clean, extra slow burn

  • 25 packs/box

  • Made in Alcoy Spain

  • Organic acacia gum

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