FTP Sweet Wax Uncut Cartridge

Flavor: Double Apple
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This CBD cartridge is a pure, 100% additive-free, organic CBD vaping experience with maximum milligram potency.
FTP cartridges are 510-thread, and compatible with batteries that have a button. 

Introducing the same great Uncut FTP vaping experience you know and love with a sweet twist! Flavors available through delicious Terpene profiles.

Double Apple

The Double Apple selection is a hint at a peaceful spring day in the shade, complimented by a succulent bite of a ripe, hand-picked delicacy…twice.

With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Sweet Wax Hempʻs Double Apple is made fresh to order…always
Inhale the whisper of early spring apples, and exhale Sweet Relaxation. Go ahead, slouch a little in that favorite chair. And for once, let the orchard come to you.


Juicy Fruit

The Juicy Fruit selection is a soft combination of oh-so-sweet fruit flavors and a deep sigh of relaxation.

With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Sweet Wax Hempʻs Juicy Fruit is made fresh to order…always.
Hemp never tasted so good. Inhale a touch of delectable and exhale “…Oh-My-Goodness”. This is the sweet relaxing moment youʻve waited for all day, every day.


Sweet Guava

The Sweet Guava selection carries the subtle taste of a luxuriant tropical favorite. The flavor is delicate and fine, perhaps even a little whispered. But it is remarkable.

With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Sweet Wax Hempʻs Sweet Guava is made fresh to order…always.
Inhale the subtly soft taste of guava. Exhale a leisurely tropical daydream, somewhere on a beach, and far, far away.


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