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Before you start daily CBD oil

The main thing you’ll want to remember when taking our pure CBD oil is that less is more. Ours is a very pure product, we only use the whole American grown plant oil, the carrier oil (we use hemp seed oil!), and nothing else… no additives, fillers or preservatives are used in our oil. 

This makes our CBD oil the purest and best on the market. When used correctly Kultivate Wellness CBD can help in so many ways! If your current oil has fillers, additives, or is some weird milky white color (ewwww!) throw it out and hit us up for the good stuff. If you’re all set with our quality sublingual oil and ready to learn how to use it properly, let’s get to it!

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How to start taking sublingual CBD oil

Start slow.

Your endocannabinoid system needs time to essentially get its engine going and running the correct way, this can take a bit of time for some people but most report noticeable changes within the first 3-5 days, usually reporting better sleep and more energy during the day. Most of the people I personally speak to that say the oil is not working for them can easily remedy the problem in one of two ways, using it every single day twice a day, taking less to start with.


Shake bottle well to mix

Empty dropper of any remaining oil

Insert empty dropper back into bottle and fill with oil

Carefully release drops back into bottle until it is at desired serving size
(use the marks on dropper as guide)
Most people will start at the ¼ mark no matter their size

Drop desired serving of drops under tongue 2x a day for the first week making notes daily

Hold for 2-3 min. then swallow and go about your day

When to increase your CBD serving

After 7 days if there is a bit of difference but you feel as if you need more, you can increase to 1/2 dropper and increase in weekly increments until you find your “sweet spot”. That is, the serving and strength that is right for YOU.

The goal of slowly increasing is to find the serving strength that is perfect for your body and circumstances. What works great for one person isn’t going to be the same that works great for everyone. That is why we offer multiple methods of consuming CBD as well as varying strengths in most products at Kultivate Wellness.

Our staff is trained and ready to help you formulate the best plan for your unique needs.

track your daily CBD serving with the Kultivate Wellness CBD jotter journal log

Keep notes for best results

I cannot recommend taking notes enough. In fact, for some people's success (myself included) taking notes is as important as taking the oil consistently every day. Now, you might be thinking,
“Why does it matter if I track my CBD use or not, won’t I be able to just FEEL the difference?”.

The answer is… not necessarily.

Because CBD does not contain psychoactive properties like it’s cousin THC, you won’t feel any immediate side effects from taking sublingual drops. Instead, “side effects” will develop over time and gradually as your endocannabinoid system starts to work properly.

(Note: if you are looking for more immediate relief and do not need to address chronic issues with a daily product, we recommend looking into edibles, topicals, and smokable products as these will give more immediate effects and do not need to accumulate in your system in order to reap the relaxing benefits)

Taking notes to find your “sweet spot”

We recommend tracking your progress daily for best results. This is best done on a notebook made for tracking CBD such as we sell here, a notes app on a device, or a regular sheet of paper will work fine too. Just make sure you have a dedicated spot to record the following information.

-Date & Time (am/pm)
-Serving Size (¼ dropper ½ dropper or list mg if you prefer)
-Symptoms you are experiencing that day
-Rate the symptoms

The practice of taking notes daily will give a visual record to look back on. This allows you to note specifics of when changes really started to take place, how you felt with what amount of product, and helps you know if/when you need to increase the serving size.

Useful Tips for taking sublingual CBD

Do not drink or brush teeth right before or after taking, leave time for oil to absorb under your tongue completely

Do not take CBD oil within 2 hours of bedtime, you may experience a hard time falling asleep or vivid dreams. Take in the morning and early afternoon instead.

Try to space CBD servings and prescription medications at least an hour apart to gain full effect of both

Ready to try sublingual CBD oil? Check out our selection here. Feel free to comment or give us a call with any questions too. We're always here daily at 11am! 

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