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Virginia Senate Bill 591 will ban 90% of all CBD products. This would make the commonwealth the first to REVERSE progress we've made in the reform of cannabis laws.

Take action now. Tell Governor Youngkin to VETO SB591

"Virginia bill SB591 has passed through both the Senate and House and is sitting on the governor's desk. His choices are either

a) sign SB591 into law

b) VETO it (kill the bill)


All hemp users and all business owners that sell hemp in Virginia, should make it their highest priority to do the following steps, in efforts to convince Governor Youngkin to VETO SB591.

Virginia Businesses: Focus statements on retail impact, jobs, tax revenue... & 49 other states not doing anything like this.

1) Write a 1-2 page letter to Governor Youngkin, outlining how SB591 will harm Virginia, (through closed businesses and lost tax revenue) your business, and the overall Virginia economy.

Focusing on CBD and non-intoxicating hemp products is going to be the most convincing argument, so it's wise to avoid focusing on delta-8 or delta-9 THC hemp products.

*SEND THIS LETTER, ASAP, to jason@vahemp.org (president of the Virginia Hemp Coalition)

 All Virginia Residents, Hemp Users and Advocates (including businesses):

1) Submit convincing statements to Governor Youngkin, outlining how SB591 will harm Virginia and how it will reduce access to products that are legal in 49 other states and how it will degrade your personal health through loss of access. Focusing on CBD and non-intoxicating hemp products is going to be the most convincing argument, so it's wise to avoid focusing on delta-8 or delta-9 THC hemp products in your argument.

*Use BOTH of the following portals to submit statements to the governor's office.

US Hemp Roundtable State Action Center:

Virginia Governor's Office Contact Portal:

2) Call the Virginia Governor's Office at 804-786-2211, asking the Governor to VETO SB591.


Dear Governor Youngkin,

As your constituent, I'm writing today to ask you to veto SB 591. As written, this bill contradicts the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and narrows the exceptions UNREALISTICALLY for hemp in the commonwealths definition of "marijuana,". It sets arbitrary and ultra-restrictive THC concentration limits per serving that would make 90% of the hemp products currently in stock and on shelves illegal to sell. SB591 must be vetoed as it would make Virginia the first state in the country to impose milligram limits by statute, rather than deliberative, science-focused rule making..... (use the rest of the letter to describe how it would personally affect your life if full spectrum is banned in Virginia- if you are a farmer tell your story- business? share how much of your own inventory will be illegal to sell if this passes- patient? share your CBD oil testimony and what it would mean for your overall health if sb591 is not vetoed and you lose access to pure hemp CBD products)
--Remember-- It's wise to avoid focusing on delta-8 or delta-9 THC hemp products in your argument, Be sure to focus on hemp derived CBD and non-intoxicating products. This will be the most effective argument in favor of vetoing sb591.

Please consider:
• Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is neither "medical" nor "marijuana." While both hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family, they are uniquely distinctive plants, much like lemons and oranges are both citrus fruits.

• Hemp products do not produce a psychoactive "high." By scientific and legal definition, hemp is an agricultural commodity that does not contain more than 0.3% of the intoxicant THC.

• Restrictive regulatory requirements are an excessive burden, stifle the free market, and deprive Virginia citizens of beneficial products.

• Hemp and hemp products provide needed opportunity for hemp farmers and small businesses in Virginia that are struggling in today's difficult agricultural and retail economies.

Please veto SB 591. Virginia citizens and businesses' are relying on it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for the Veto of SB591,

Sign your name here!

**Huge thank you to Melanie Greentree who sent an email that shaped most of this blog post. Blog author commentary/rewording was done but most of the post was shared by Kultivate Wellness with permission of Melanie Greentree. Thank you for letting us share and work together to spread the word and take action Melanie!🙏


From the Virginia Hemp Coalition FB page

We had a good meeting with the Youngkin Administration yesterday regarding the extremely misguided bill SB 591. We are hopeful they will listen to us and veto or amend the bill so it does not not throw the entire hemp industry under the bus. We also urged the Admin to not criminalize Delta 8 but regulate it much like tobacco, beer, wine or cider.
April 11th is the last day for the Governor to take action on this bill. Between now and then please ask him to veto this bill. He needs to hear your voice. Please use the link below to send Governor Youngkin an email or an old fashioned letter still works well for situations like this. Address is below. Thank you!
Governor Glenn Youngkin
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, VA 23218"

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