Federal court rules in favor of legal Delta 8 Products Kultivate Wellness

Did you see the news this week? The ninth circuit US Court of of Appeals made a landmark ruling in the legality of Delta 8 derived from federally legal hemp plants. If you missed the news, check out this summary from national NORML;

“A 3 judge panel for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected arguments that Delta 8 THC products derived from industrial hemp falls beyond the scope of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Plaintiffs in the case were asking the court to protect trademarks for their proprietary Delta 8 products. Defendants in the case argued that the company’s trademarks were not protectable because “the 2018 Farm Bill was never intended to legalize such products for human consumption” -NORML press release

The judges not only ruled in favor of Delta 8 and it’s legalities, but it handed down some pretty strong suggestions for congress to handle their own legislative messes. Here's the ruling:

So, what’s this all means for you? It means we will continue carrying the pure and lab tested Delta products we’ve been offering our customers the last several months. We partner with local hemp farmers and lab that manufactures our products. Every product is sent off for independent 3rd party lab testing before it hits our shelves. No you do not need a medical card to order, and we legally ship to most states. If you can’t legally order delta products in your state, our store will not let you check out with it in your cart. 

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