Snoozy THC+CBD Relief Gummies

Size: 20 Count
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Whether you're dealing with the demands of work, family or just the daily grind, Snoozy Relief gummies offer a natural and effective way to manage stress and find inner peace. Snoozy Relief Gummies are designed with a blend of Delta 9 THC, CBD, L-theanine, lemon balm and ashwaganda to help calm the mind and melt away your worries. 20 gummies per bag or 2 per pack.

Active Ingredients (per gummy)

Delta 9 THC - 5mg
CBD - 20mg
Ashwaganda - 50mg
L-theanine - 50mg
Lemon Balm - 50mg

Vegan & Organic | All Natural Ingredients | Fruit Infused Flavor | Made In USA

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