Secret Nature High-Potency Sugar Pop THCA Hemp Flower 3.5g

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Secret Nature offers top quality indoor grown hemp flower producing high levels of THCA. 100% organically grown in Portland, Oregon; these hand-trimmed buds are held to the highest quality standards. Each pack is hermetically sealed to preserve freshness and terpenes. 3.5 grams.

Sugar Pop - Indica-Dominant Hybrid - Grape | Gas | Sweet Cherries - 21%

Sugar Pop is a THCA strain made from a secret cross of Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Oreoz and Purple Mystery. It is an indica dominant hybrid and users report effects ranging from relaxation to focused creativity. Some even report a heightened awareness and stillness similar to mushrooms. The strain has intense flavors of grape, gas, sugar and cherries, with hints of citrus and pepper, and is absolutely covered in trichromes. Welcome to the land of sugar and diamonds, you're welcome..

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