Secret Nature High-Potency Bluenana THCA Hemp Flower 3.5g

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Secret Nature offers top quality indoor grown hemp flower producing high levels of THCA. 100% organically grown in Portland, Oregon; these hand-trimmed buds are held to the highest quality standards. Each pack is hermetically sealed to preserve freshness and terpenes. 3.5 grams.

Bluenana - Indica-Dominant Hybrid - Earthy | Blueberries | Nutty - 24%

Bluenana is a genetic melding of the sweet and moreish Blue Sherbert (Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert) and the fruity, earthy Banana OG (OG Kush x Banana). With all that GSC and Kush in the background, you know you’re in for a treat here. Euphoric, relaxing buzzes are the best buzzes, and that’s precisely what you’ll get from this delectable hybrid. A hearty dose of happiness-inducing energy will scintillate the mind within minutes of your first exhale, while a full-body buzz creating that much-deserved sense of all-over chill will hit at about the same time.

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