Enjoy Hemp THCA Diamond Infused Prerolls 2pk

Strain: Pineapple Express (Sativa)
Sale price$25.00


Introducing Enjoy Hemp's Indoor Top Shelf THCA Flower now in prerolls with pure THCA diamonds! 

Each tube contains 2 THCA prerolls that are 1 gram each!
Each preroll is PURE THCA infused with terpenes for flavor and effect!
Each Preroll is also infused with Pure THCA Diamonds for extra high potency!

Availble in 3 Strains/Effects:

Pineapple Express for Half Baked (Sativa): Ignite your day with the tropical delight of Pineapple Express in this Half Baked preroll, a sativa that'll have you feeling energized and uplifted, perfect for a creative and adventurous high.

Sunset Sherbert for Utopia (Hybrid): Experience the harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria with the Utopia Sunset Sherbert preroll, a hybrid that tantalizes your senses with its sweet, fruity flavors, setting the stage for a blissful and balanced journey.

Grape Ape for Vibes (Indica): Unwind and find your inner peace with the Vibes Grape Ape preroll, an indica that offers deep relaxation and tranquility, accompanied by the rich, grape-like taste that's sure to set the perfect tone for a serene evening.

Ingredients: THCA Flower and 99% Pure THCA Diamonds.

Directions: Light the preroll and enhale.

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