Enjoy Hemp Double Diamond Mega Potency THCA Pre-Rolls 5pk

Strain: Platinum Stardawg Guava (Sativa)
Sale price$30.00


Introducing the FIRST, Double THCA Diamond THCA Prerolls on the market for the strongest THCA high on the market!

Each preroll is made with THCA Indoor Exotic Flower Infused with 99% THCA Diamonds and Rolled in 99% THCA Diamonds AKA Double Diamond Prerolls

Each preroll is .5g and with 5 prerolls per pack.

Available in the following strains:

Platinum Stardawg Guava (Sativa) - Feeling: Euphoria
Experience euphoria with every hit. This Sativa-dominant strain delights the senses with a tropical explosion of sweet guava flavor, followed by a uplifting high that ignites creativity and joy. Discover your new favorite strain today.

Platinum Cheetah Piss (Hybrid) - Feeling: Bliss
Savor the divine taste and embrace pure bliss. This hybrid strain delivers a deliciously unique flavor profile alongside a blissful high that uplifts the spirit. Dive into an unparalleled sensory experience with Cheetah Piss. Discover your next favorite strain today.

Platinum Slurricane (Indica) - Feeling: Chill
Taste the sublime and embrace ultimate relaxation. This Indica strain boasts a delectable flavor and delivers a soothing, chill sensation that melts away stress. Dive into tranquility with Slurricane. Experience chilling hard today.

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