CannaAid High Potency HHC+HHC-P Disposable 2ml

Strain: Lemon Jack
Sale price$55.00


Take these amazing and extremely potent cannabinoids like HHC and HHCP on the go with this compact 2ML all-in-one vape pen.

  • Three potent blended strains
  • HHC + HHCP
  • Compact vape with 2ML per pen
  • 2g of cannabinoids per disposable pen
  • Micro-USB input for recharging the disposable vape pen
  • Glass window displaying levels left in pen
  • Each pen comes in a sleek single box
  • All in one design, no need for an additional battery unit

Lemon Jack - Sativa

Space Candy - Hybrid

Sour Special Sauce - Indica

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