Cypress Hemp Live Resin Dee9 Gummies 300mg

Strain: Mango - Jack Herer (Sativa)
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Live Resin is made with cannabis that's frozen immediately after harvesting. This method
delivers unmatched potency by preserving the unique expression of terpenes in each strain.

Cypress Hemp's Live Resin THC Gummies are made for the cannabis connoisseur. Each gummy contains 20mg of Dee9. 

20 pieces per jar.

Available in three strains:

Jack Herer - Sativa - Mango Flavor - 20mg Dee9 + 20mg CBG

Gelato - Hybrid - Strawberry Flavor - 20mg Dee9 + 20mg CBD

Cherry Pie - Indica - Berry Flavor - 20mg Dee9 + 10mg CBN

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