Happy Fruit Gummies

Flavor: Strawberry Bounce (D10)
Sale price$25.00


Great delta cannabinoid gummies from Happy Fruit. Formuated to maximize effects and flavor! 10 gummies per packet.


Strawberry Bounce Dee10 gummies will start your day with an uplifting and chill buzz. Each gummy contains 30mg of Dee10 extract. 


Happiness is guaranteed with these delicious Berry Cool fruit flavored gummies. Each gummy is formulated with 30mg of Dee8 extract.


Mellow Mango is the perfect gummy for relaxing with a nice sense of euphoria. Each gummy contains 15mg of Dee9 extract.


Blueberry Dream will have you not only counting sheep, but making friends with them! Each gummy contains 15mg of Dee9 extract and 10mg of CBN


Lifted Limeade & Guava Delight harnesses the uplifting focus powers of THCv with the euphoria of Dee9. Each gummy contains 15mg of Dee9 extract and 5mg of THCv.

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