Green Lotus Pre-Roll CBD Joints

Strain: Harmony
Sale price$45.00


Harmony™ CBD preroll joints are sourced from a CBD-rich variety of the Lifter strain. Enjoy a balance of body relaxation and clean energy with a flavor-aroma featuring notes of light pear, lemon and sweet berry.

  • A refreshing, energetic strain for daytime use. 
  • 0.75 g of hemp flower, 110 mg of CBD per preroll joint
  • 5 Preroll joints per pack. 

Choose Harmony preroll joints to tap into sustained focus that lasts throughout the day. Stay refreshed, productive and relaxed. 

Jubilee™ CBD Preroll joints are sourced from a CBD-rich Kush strain that promotes deep relaxation and stress relief. Enjoy a full-flavor blend of rich cappuccino mixed with notes of spice and sweet plum.

  • A rich, relaxing strain for evening use. 
  • 0.75 g of hemp flower. 110 mg of CBD per preroll joint.  
  • 5 Prerolls per package. 

Whatever weighs on your mind, body or spirit, let Jubilee preroll joints lighten the load. Party in peace. You deserve it. 


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