Gemstonz CBD Intimate Lubricant 100mg

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There are limited studies about CBD and sexual health, but what has been revealed is the many benefits CBD may also translate to the bedroom and physical wellbeing.

Many people are using oral CBD for anxiety reduction which can help sex. But there are also topical options available like lubricant infused with CBD.

Lube It - Broad Spectrum CBD Intimate Sexual Lubrication and enhancer helps focus on intimacy as an important part of life.

Unfortunately, pain and discomfort during sexual activity can be difficult for both partners. Using a CBD Infused Intimacy Lube can help relieve that discomfort while enhancing the experience for both partners.

Gemstonz Best CBD Intimacy Lube - ‘Lube It’ features natural coconut oil infused with essential oils. These essential oils provide warming, cooling, and aphrodisiac effects that both partners will enjoy. More importantly, it contains 100mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract that provides gentle relief of pain and discomfort. It is edible as well.

Warning: The coconut oil base in the CBD Infused Lube can degrade a latex condom making it unreliable. A recommendation is to use an alternate form of birth control during the use of this product.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Hempseed oil, Black Pepper oil, Peppermint oil, Ylang Ylang oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Directions: Use CBD Lube as needed. Before, during, or after sexual activity. Edible.

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