Dazed Blenz Premium Hemp Flower 2g

Strain: Runtz Cake (Hybrid)
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Dazed blenz premium indoor hemp flower is a powerful mixture of Dee8, Dee9, Dee10 cannabinoids. 2 gram bags to try out your favorite new strains.

Strawberry Cough - Sativa

  • Bright, sweet strawberry wrapped around a delightfully skunky body
  • Perfect for when you want to feel energetic and happy
  • A unique Sativa strain made by crossbreeding Strawberry Fields and Haze

Runtz Cake - Hybrid

  • Slightly sweet with earthy notes of pine, florals, and diesel
  • Perfect for when you want to feel giggly, relaxed, and a lil hungry
  • A unique Hybrid strain made by crossbreeding Wedding Cake and White Runtz

OG Gas - Indica

  • Flavor reminiscent of earthy herb and heavy Diesel
  • Perfect for when you want to feel relaxed, sleepy, and in a snacky mood
  • A unique Indica strain made by crossbreeding Venom OG and Humboldt OG

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