Crunchy Sparkling Herbal Water

Flavor: Calm
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Herbal Sparkling Waters. Some with CBD and some without.


The Crunchy Om has been formulated with rosemary, vitamin D, full spectrum hemp extract, and l-theanine to help engage your memory and make sense of your daily experiences, creating the patterns that inform your insight.


The Crunchy Calm contains eleuthero, chamomile, and l-theanine to help bring a little balance to our overextended selves, creating a relaxed yet focused state of mind from which we can first define and then communicate our truth.


The Crunchy Elevate (CBD) works a true double duty. While its green tea and l-theanine provide you a steady, sustained energy source, the tulsi and full spectrum hemp extract provide mental relief for any stress or social anxieties that may arise.

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