Crunchy Sparkling Herbal Water

Flavor: Calm
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Herbal Sparkling Waters. Some with CBD and some without.


The Crunchy Om has been formulated with rosemary, vitamin D, full spectrum hemp extract, and l-theanine to help engage your memory and make sense of your daily experiences, creating the patterns that inform your insight.


The Crunchy Calm contains eleuthero, chamomile, and l-theanine to help bring a little balance to our overextended selves, creating a relaxed yet focused state of mind from which we can first define and then communicate our truth.


The Crunchy Elevate (CBD) works a true double duty. While its green tea and l-theanine provide you a steady, sustained energy source, the tulsi and full spectrum hemp extract provide mental relief for any stress or social anxieties that may arise.


The Crunchy Energize utilizes its combination of schisandra and green tea to promote physical stamina and mental endurance, giving you the boost you need when motivation is lacking, while l-theanine focusing the action it inspires.



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