Boveda RH Size 8 Humidity Control Pack 58%

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Boveda products make humidity control effortless and efficient, keeping your precious products fresher for longer. Designed to sit in cigar humidors, Boveda’s humidity control technology is ideal for preserving the terpenes in cannabis flower. By adding and absorbing moisture, or what they call “2-way control”, these products keep the contents of a sealed container at a precise relative humidity. The Relative Humidity level (RH) refers to the ideal level of humidity required to keep cannabis in a pristine condition. 58% RH is the right level for those who live in a humid climate and worry about mold growing on their product. It’s also perfect for people who prefer their nugs to be a bit stickier. Adding the 58% Boveda pack will quickly bring the RH inside the container to 58%, instilling confidence that the cannabis and terpenes will be protected. The Size 8 is the one of the most popular Boveda sizes for individual customers. The 8g Boveda can protect up to 1 ounce of cannabis, or 28 grams, and is intended to be placed in a small jar or bag. This is a great option for the everyday smoker looking to keep their personal stash fresh at all times. Called the Original Terpene Shield, Boveda restores and maintains humidity to form a protective monolayer of water molecules over the trichomes, saving the terps!maintains humidity to form a protective monolayer of water molecules over the trichomes to save the terps! 100CT BOX | This a large carboard package neatly packed with 100 individual Size 8 58% humidity packs. This is a great option for dispensaries with tons of jars to keep fresh, or smoke shops to sell to individual customers.

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