Standard & Maximum Strength Full Spectrum Gel Caps

With the rising popularity of our Full Spectrum Gel Capsules we have worked on putting out a new and improved formula in two very useful strength options.
New to this soft gel is that it uses a Hemp Seed oil carrier which is the same carrier oil as our trusty tinctures. Using a Hemp Seed oil carrier versus an MCT oil can have added health benefits as well as trace amounts of cannabinoids to add to the CBD oil. They also rarely have allergies associated with Hemp Oil.
The entry level strength option is 25mg per capsule, 750mg for the total bottle. This is a very common milligram for daily dosage when looking to ease anxiety, stress, pain as well as sleep. One to two of these a day has been known to increase an individual's quality of life in just a matter of days!
Adding to our Gel Capsules line, we now offer the same great capsule in a 150mg option! The bottle totals a staggering 4,500mg with the same great Hemp Oil carrier. This formulation is not for the every day CBD user. Recommended for chronic, intense pain as well as severe conditions such as Epilepsy or Parkinson's. These were in fact created to help battle Lyme Disease. If you have tried CBD before with no luck then these are the answer for you.