Our NEW Nano CBD Gummies - What's the deal? Kultivate Wellness

Our new Serenity gummy line offers 3 delicious flavors with 10mg of Isolate Nano CBD per piece.

Users will find they offer significant stress and anxiety relief without the drowsy or relaxing side-effects associated with full or broad spectrum formulas. But what sets these apart from our other isolate products?

Nanoemulsion is a common process in the pharmaceutical industry wherein a chemical (CBD in our case) is broken down to a soup of unattached molecules to increase bioavailability. Being very tiny pieces, these molecules can more easily pass through the walls of the mouth and throat straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract where some amount of CBD is usually lost to gut flora.

In practical terms, nanoemulsified CBD provides an expedited onset and in many cases a stronger overall effect compared to normal CBD of the same dose.

These are a new staff favorite and we will certainly be bringing a few to those holiday family get-togethers for when the wine just isn't cutting it.

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