Benefits of mixing Homegrown T.H.C. flower with our C.B.D. flower Kultivate Wellness

Benefits of mixing THC flower with CBD flower

We recently hosted a local giveaway with RVA homegrown and shared the following Benefits of mixing THC flower with CBD flower in the Reddit thread via their forum of local growers. The following is the post. We hope it gives you some insights into the strains and benefits of mixing our CBD hemp flower with other THC flowers locals to Virginia may be growing in their 4 legal plants. If any of this speaks to you we'd love the social media shoutout or Google review fam! 

RVA Homegrown Reddit Thread Feb. Fire 2022

"Hey growers, congrats on your recent harvest and good luck in the competition! This is Tara over at Kultivate Wellness and today I’d like to share with you the benefits of blending your flower with ours! Basically, two strains together can create a custom experience and bring out the best effect of both 🙌 

•Enhanced Effects

The majority of people who enjoy mixing CBD with THC, do so seeking the entourage effect. This is the idea that cannabinoids work better together, instead of each on it’s own.

•Reduce negative effects

Many people are forced to decrease their THC intake due to the psychoactive effects they experience. Things like jobs, kids, or paranoia may keep some away from consuming needed meds. In comes CBD! Not only does it not get you high, but it also counteracts some of the more negative effects of THC such as paranoia.

•Make your harvest go further 

Many people in a newly legal state, myself included, still sometimes experience lack of readily available THC flower. Blending your buds together can make a great harvest last even longer if need be! 

Finding the perfect CBD:THC Ratio

CBD:THC – 1:1

A 1:1 mixture of CBD to THC is considered to be the “golden ratio” (even according to the scientists!) 

If you consume this perfect ratio expect to feel psychoactive effects from the THC. The “high” feeling will be much less than if you’d consumed no CBD at all. Any negative THC effects such as paranoia and anxiety will be greatly reduced.

CBD:THC – 2:1

At the 2:1 ratio consumers will notice a high feeling, but not enough to feel intoxicated or completely overwhelmed. 

Most common effects are feeling uplifted, positive, and creative without the negative feelings that may come with high THC. 

CBD:THC – 8:1

The 8:1 ratio is perfect for daytime consumers that need to stay in high functioning mode but still medicate. A light buzz might be felt, but there will not be impairment to productivity or ability to function.

CBD:THC – 20:1

The 20:1 ratio has only a very small amount of THC and is recommended to first-time cannabis users that wish to enjoy the entourage effects of the two cannabinoids working together, but with absolutely no high feeling. 

So what’s the perfect strain for you? It’s super easy to find and customize your stash with our flower. Each strain is lab tested with the full profile, including terpenes, listed on each. For instance, in the giveaway we have northern lights, lifter, and space candy up for grabs, each are very different. 



•This strain smells like artisan cheese with a dose of diesel fuel, making it a pungent aroma. Like the name suggests, Lifter will brighten your day with a boost of energy and create a pleasant mood enhancing experience. One of the best choices for a day time flower. Coming in with a 17.04% CBD

•High in Myrcene and Caryophyllene 

•May boast creativity and energy

kultivate wellness lifter flower

Space Candy 


•Big dense buds and a pungent sour aroma is Space Candy's signature profile. With a total cannabinoid percentage of 20.2% •High in Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene terpenes make this a wonderful day time smoke on its own or paired with your favorite THC strain for a custom smoking experience. 

space candy kultivate wellness flower strain

Northern Lights 


•One of the most sought after strains for flower connoisseurs, Northern Lights! This strain's incredible appearance and smell are surpassed only by its noteworthy effects. Provides a CBD percentage of 13.58% and a great terpene profile being high in Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Bisabolol. 

•A great evening time strain

•May boast calm, relaxation and sleep. 

kultivate wellness greengate dispensary northern lights flower

I’m happy to be able to give away a couple bags of this flower to y’all too! Comment below with the name of the strain you’ll pick if you win!! 👇"

Which would you choose if you had been in the give-away? Share with us in the comments and be sure to join the local RVA Homegrown reddit if you're on there! 

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E Green

E Green

Less than 5.00 CBD needed with all cannabinoids that can be grown in a strain and at least 15 0/0 THC and lots of other cannabinoids in it also then it’s meds .CBD don’t do much I’m proof.all other cannabinoids together do more than CBD.dont call it CBD call be cannabinoids full strains full spectrum only. CBD over hipped my body is proof

E Green

E Green

All to weak higher levels of all cannabinoids needed most strains are not as strong as listed. cannabinoids work together as meds breed it stronger to use less too conserve your bud to expensive also breed for many cannabinoids in it don’t skimp I know from experience

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